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DIPPEC Is Here To Make Selling Downloadable Products Easy & Secure for You... & Smooth For Your Customers

Selling downloadable products can be quite a hassle.

There are quite a number of things to do. And things can get really technical. I know because I used to program everything by hand.

Here are some of the things that you need to setup when selling downloadable products:

  • Building your website
  • Payment integration
  • Packaging your files and products
  • Uploading your products
  • Creating download links for customers
  • Sending out emails to customers
  • Removing download links for customers to protect your files

And to be able to do this well, you will need to know HTML and CSS for building your website, PHP and MySQL to program your secure digital product delivery, FTP for uploading products, and whole lot more.

DIPPEC will eliminate all the many complicated steps that are in the way of your online profits. With DIPPEC, just a few steps and you are already selling.

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This -- Just 3 Steps To Begin Selling

Now imagine, instead of the all the hard work you just need to:

  1. Enter product name and price
  2. Drop your files to upload
  3. Begin selling

The faster you can sell, the faster you will make your money.

DIPPEC comes built-in with a good looking sales page that you can use to sell your product. Or you can create your own sales page template, or even use your own website or blog.

DIPPEC will take care of the rest...

Automation for Smooth Experience for Your Customers -- So You Can Relax By The Pool

From the moment your customers click on the "Buy Button", DIPPEC takes over to make sure that your customer will have a smooth experience.

First of all, with Paypal Express Checkout API, we can better support mobile, tablet or desktop users. So you customers can buy your product no matter on what device they are on.

When they completed the process at Paypal, the product will be delivered automatically to them. There is no need for any manual work on your end. When you set this up, it will run on auto-pilot fulfilling all the orders that is needed.

DIPPEC will create a unique temporary download page for each purchase. So this will protect your product and limit the timeframe for any sharing by your customers. Also, an email will be sent out to your customers every time there is a purchase, so that they can always refer to that email for the details of their purchase.

Let me remind you again, that all these happens automatically. All that you have to do is login and check your money -- or perhaps have a drink by the pool.

Actually, there are a lot more features to list. Just continue reading...

Service for Selling Digital Products with Paypal

No More commissions

Easy service not limited to space, bandwidth, sales limitations. You don't need to pay commission fees anymore.

Sell on PC, Tablets & Mobile

With the responsive user interface and support for Paypal Express Checkout, your customer can pay from desktop PC, tablet or their smartphone.

Secure Payment with Paypal API

With Paypal Express Checkout, the better API, you can sell with confidence knowing that payment is secure for you & your customers.

Easy to Use

Intuitive responsive interface makes using DIPPEC super-easy. You can also check on your sales from your PC, tablet or your phone.

Easy to Install

Built-in installer software makes it is easy to install and get started. Upload the script and follow the step-by-step process.

Awesome Friendly Support

We will make sure that you will never be left hanging and all your issues with DIPPEC will be resolved ASAP!

Software as a service

No need to install anything, just register and start selling

Download Protection

DIPPEC creates time-limited download links for your customers, delivered instantly. Set your own time limit whether it is 1-hour, 24-hour or longer.

Hands-Free Selling

Every customer will get a thank you email with download information instantly and automatically, sent by DIPPEC. Now you can go out and have fun.

... and more! Too many to list!


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